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07 May, 2010

Getting Started!!!!

So I've been sitting on this blog for a few months now thinking about what I really want to talk about. Orginally I said I was going to use it to vent, because I felt I needed a out lease. But, being that I consider myself to be very private I though twice about that idea. And then I was inspired again. A friend of mine from college tweeted one day "I was 27 years old #whenifirstmet me! Growing up is a beautiful thing." And of course that was an instant re-tweet, because that is SUCH a true statement for me and bam there goes my inspiration.

So I decided instead of just talking about me, I'm going to talk about life. My life, my friends lives, and just stuff. The kinda stuff that makes you feel good, deep down in your soul. The stuff that makes you smile when you don't realize it, like music, books, movies, and places.

So hey I'm on a great ride called life, in a awesome head space. LET'S GET IT (in my Jeezy voice)!!!!!!!!!!!!

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