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26 October, 2011

You + Me = Zero

You + Me = Zero, or Me + You = Zero, either way it goes no where! It comes a point in life when we have to sit back and say I am more important to me than I thought I was. We have to allow our self the respect we deserve and no one can give it to you but you. I for one fall in this situation to often to many. Any glimmer of kindness sends me into a head over hills infatuated state. Maybe it's the lack of positive attention that does it for me. It seems that most times the bad out weighs the good in my situations. Or maybe it's because I secretly know that you are unattainable. I try not to let that hinder or influence my thoughts but obviously that's not the case. It's easy for us to fall for the guy that's not right for you. The guy that only gives you attention after the sun goes down. Or the one you have the hots for that lives more than 600 miles away. You have the guy that only contact's you when returning your communication. And so on and so one. The list can continue and with each scenario you will find someone on the other end wishing for more. But at the end of the day without a equal conclusion on where were going you + me will always be zero.

**Not sure where I was going with this. How I started was not how I wanted to end. But I'm sharing it anyways because this is where my mind took me.

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