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30 May, 2011

Love Conversations...

So I'm watching "Our Family Wedding" today on HBO. Now I've seen this movie before, but I found myself watching it like it was new ti me. Towards the end of the movie there is this scene with Lucia and Marcus. In this scene one of my favorite Love Songs is playing in the background Jose James' "Love Conversations". There is something about that scene that exposes the raw nature of love and even though it's just a movie it makes me feel some type of way. It maybe be that, that particular song is playing in the background and they were having a love conversation that did it for me. But non the less it was there, I could see someone in real life having that type of conversation. In all relationship there are those moments where you are pinned between your family and your relationship. When you have to take a moment and think what's more important them or us.  And you realized that life is about comprises but meeting each other in the middle is how you movie forward.

So I know that I've posted this song before but I'm doing it again.....ENJOY

Jose James-Love Conversations

28 May, 2011

Can I...

Can I have you? Are the words that I think every time I come across a picture of you.
Can I have you? Are my thoughts when I hear a song that sends me off to dream land.
Can I have you? Are moments away from a key stroke and simple send.
Can I have you? Are the thoughts that cross my mind and make me think I'm crazy.
Can I have you, please? Just for a moment, just for today and then maybe the next and the day after...
Just simply CAN I HAVE YOU???

21 May, 2011

The price of fame!!!

The price of fame comes with a beautiful blue dress deck out in shinny things that are deceiving to the eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That Guy....

I've never really been the type of person that said I had a type when it comes to guys. I can remember joking around with people saying it would be nice if he was taller than me because I'm 6'2" which slims my pickings. Then I would say I need someone with a 401k, it could have only 5 bucks in it but he has it, dental insurance and a beautiful smile. Some people have even heard me say tall, dark, and handsome. A tall chocolate brother, with great teeth and a beautiful smile, would have me giving him my all and becoming a sugar momma. But at the end of the day it was never something I put thought into, that was what popped into my head. And then something happened. I really did sit down and think about the type of guy that could fit my mold. I wrote down the potentials the should haves and the need to haves. I wrote out the qualities and the looks. I thought about the body build i.e height...lol and the all around is this really what I want in my life. And guess what happened next he appeared, right there in the flesh not one, but two. I'm like "what, this type of stuff doesn't happen". You just don't think about what you need and want and it comes into your life just as easy as asking for a piece of gum. But that guy is the sh!t and I find my self cyber stalking him thinking (why don't we live in the same city) why can't you be as bold in this situation. Here you have these two guys one actually touchable, feel able and smellable. One you can only see in your computer but that does me just find temporarily. And here's the problem at hand what is about that guy that presents me with butterflies, that makes me clam up and second guess my intentions. I've never had many problems asking some guy to go out with me and saying hey I like you. So why can't I express to that guy whats really going on. I go back and fourth in my head like should I, could I, why won't I. I think if it's easy then it's not wroth it. But am I siking myself up that the perfect guy in my head and on paper is not wroth the work. I keep saying to myself get over your self Mo and work it out. Man it's funny how life throws these curve balls and shows you the glittery things that make it all worth it, and you turn around and think nawl that's not whats happening. But in the end it's nice to know that, that guy is out there and he comes in more than one form. I guess dreams really do exist.