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31 August, 2012

The fighting side of life...

So as some of you know I deleted my Facebook around two months ago, and not a week goes by that someone does not ask me "what happened" or "when are you coming back".  So to shed I little light on the situation this is what I wrote a few minutes before I deleted. Does this have anything to do with why I deleted it, maybe! But this is what was going through my head. at the moment

 I deserve better, and someday I will encounter people that will invest equally into my life as I do theirs. This life we will live can be taking from us at any moment, and I refuse to continue to seek acceptance from those that don't care to value who I am as a person. No more one sided friendships or relationship. I cant keep giving and allowing people to take without taking myself into consideration. Your opinions about me are just that opinions, remember everyone has them. I've lived my entire life seeking to please others and disregarding what I needed. I have this strange moral code that consist of this open heart in which some think they can do and say whatever they want because I will brush it off and not worry about it. Maybe it's the representative that I've made for myself and thats my fault. A person can only take so much before they break. Remember we're human and with that we have emotions and sometimes there uncontrollable.Sometimes we can't help how we feel and how we react. It's apart of our fight or flight response. Have you ever felt like your heart was being ripped apart? Well I have and I can't continue to allow anyone to put me in a uncontrollable emotional space, and yes I understand that this may not be the most positive post but it's the truth and it comes from apart of my heart that needs to be open and honest. We as people have to show sides of ourselves that's open and human. There is no such thing as a perfect person and I am no where near perfect. I hurt, and I feel pain. Please value the people that you have in your life no matter how small of a roll they may have because you never know the value that they have for you in their life. If there's a reason why you feel that person should not be in your life, tell them. Don't make up something to make them go away be open an honest. That respect alone will take you further in life, because the truth will come out eventually. I am the most important person in my life not anyone else, and I need to remember that. That's not meant to sound selfish, it's meant to remind my self that I am important also. And I can't continue to give others more value in my life than I do myself.


"When people show you who the are the first time, believe them." -Maya Angelou

Reading is fundamental...

Stieg Larsson's The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest has been by far the best book of the "The Millennium-Lisbeth Slander" trilogy. I enjoyed every second of it. If you have the time to pick up a book this fall and read I suggest this one. You can still follow the story without reading the first two but what fun is that just pick up all three.

27 May, 2012

Day 6: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge: Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 6

Letter: Write a Letter to a Stranger...

This will be short and sweet...
I know you've heard the saying never judge a book by it's cover. Well that's it, that's the entire point. Never judge a person buy what you see on first sight. Your eyes could very well be deceiving you. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I added that because when there is a problem between people always remember there are three sides to every story; What A said, what B said, and then what really happened and everyones perception is going to be different. So unless you're willing to take the time out to find out who that person really is leave your judgments to yourself and mind your business...


Picture: Someone I Love...

It took a really long time for me to love me. There were moments when I looked at myself in the mirror and did not recognize the person looking back at me. I have to love me first before I can love anybody else; my mom, my aunt, etc etc. When you have no clue who you are and how to love yourself you take relationships for granted and don't realized the power your thoughts have over you. If you don't love and support yourself how can you allow anyone else to love and support you!!!

Music: A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere...

My family is from Georgia, I went to college in Georgia, and one of my favorite places to be where my soul feels at peace is Savannah, Georgia...

17 May, 2012

Was That Good Enough...

It’s crazy how one reaction or lack thereof can change everything. Have you ever stepped out on a limb and done something and wondered if it was good enough, even when it was done simply because you wanted to? You weren’t asked to do it, but you did it because it felt right…and then you were rejected and made to feel like what you did was not good enough. What do you do next? What do you do when you don’t even get a “thank you”?

 All I really wanted to say was “you’re welcome”. I didn’t want anything else; I just wanted to show you how much I appreciated you. But you took that away from me. Part of me feels rejected and slightly like a throw away. Some of this becomes a reflection on me and it makes me wonder why I need to be accepted by you so much, and not just you but everything around me. What in me needed you to know that I appreciate you? When you look at the situation shouldn’t it have been that you appreciated me?

 Why are there so many standards and stipulations that we place on our lives to please those around you. You do things, you say things, you wear things, you change parts of yourself to be a “right” fit with someone who you know and feel you are not equally yoked with. Why do we not listen to our hearts when we know and can feel with every muscle in our bodies or even with just one small pore that this person isn’t a right fit for you? We have an internal battle with our heart and mind. We want to feel good and will take the external feeling over the internal feeling. We want what feels good right now, not down the road. We need that instant satisfaction. What we don’t realize is that the external and instant are what causes us such pain. What makes us need to feel needed by those that don’t even appreciate our small gestures?

 It seems like today is different from yesterday. Just a simple sign to show you I cared has completely thrown my world upside down.

 This at the moment may feel like a mockery but, it gets better. These types of situations are learning experiences. It helps you open your eyes and learn to be a better person.

 I know that one day it’s going to get better and I won’t have to solicit a “you’re welcome” and they will come naturally. I think at the end of the day I just want to be a perfect fit with someone and just appreciated.

I can tell a storyAbout a girl I knewDraw the perfect pictureBut it wouldn't be all the truth
Envision every momentRelay it back to youWrite it down in scriptureBut you would know its you
A woman out for loveBut she gets lost along the wayEveryday grows harderCuz the light might dim away
I could speak the futureSpeak of your love as if it were mine, mineUse you as my subjectBut I'm still lost as to what it isAnd tryna find
A woman out for loveBut you gets lost along the wayYou think a man is the answerTruth is you're our only waySo envision every momentrelay it back to meI'll write a song for foreverThe light will always stay
I'll write a songFor forever more
I'll write you all the songsSo the light won't dim awayJust to envision every womanlost her true loveImagine every loverFilled with peace and trust
Envision every womanLost her true loveImagine every loverFilled with peace and trust
Envision every womanLost her true loveImagine every loverFilled with peace and trust

16 May, 2012

Day 5: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 5

Letter: Write a letter to your dreams...

My darling dreams...sometimes you scare me. It feels like your going to fast and I don't know which way is up. What I can say is that you have always been constant and you've never lacked the drive. Sometime I fight and I remain in a constant battle with my mind and my heart on were I should proceed with you next. Thank you for never giving up and always being the one thing I can always count on to keep me going. It's funny how some days I wake up and realize that my latest dreams are no longer dreams and are being lived out day to day by me...and you've moved on to the next thing to keep me motivated and pushing. I will never stop dreaming and making goals for myself.  Dreaming is the beginning, the goal is the reality, and making my dreams become my reality is my everyday hustle :-P


Picture: Childhood Memory

This is a picture of my Great Grandfather and myself, it's been the background picture on my phone for about 4 years now. I was 4 years old when this was snapped. He was born on July 4, 1916 and he past away on April 2, 2002. He walked this earth for 85 years. I'm pretty sure the reason why we took this picture was because I had a band aid on and knowing me it wasn't anything under it.  The reason why I chose this picture as my childhood memory was because every year like clock work we went to see my Granddaddy Harold around his birthday. It was a summer trip I always looked forward to. He lived right behind a rail road track and had a pecan tree in his backyard. So the sound of a train horn and the smell, feel and taste of pecans are very nostalgic to me. Every year when we visited my cousins and I would always come home with a jar full of change because he didn't like change and would just throw it in a jar when he came home. His dollar's were always crisp like they were just printed at a  factory. I miss his stories and the smell of his pipe as seen above in this picture. Because I was in college at the time I wasn't able to attend his funeral :-(  But every time I pick up my phone I see this picture and I am reminded and flooded with all his memories...

Music: A Song That Reminds you of Someone...

This song reminds me of him even when I don't want it to...You're not good for me not even as a friend and I've never even shared something as simple as a kiss you you...

A New Summer Scent...

I'm gonna start this off by saying I'm not a big perfume person. I have a very funny nose that reacts to everything. Don't get me wrong I do own some but, I pretty much have to walk around with tissue because I never know when it's going to run uncontrollably. Which is why when it comes perfumes I become very picky. I even avoid the perfume aisles in department stores. No I don't want to smell that and can you get out of my face and stop harassing everyone...lol...
Everyday for Women: http://www.thejayeveryday.com/shop.php
SO with that being said I actually came across a perfume that I like and my nose agree's with. And I think it's super cool that I know that guy who put out this fragrance. Ladies and Gentlemen allow me to introduce you to my friend Jermaine "Everyday" Smith and his Everyday for Women fragrance, and I must tell you with summer right around the corner I think we have one of our new favorite summer time scents on our hands.  So pull out your wallet and place an order...

Just image the reaction on a beautiful summer day when the wind hits you at the right angle and you smell this light clean smell with hints of Rose and Amber that brings a smile on your face...and you know you smell good. It just adds to your confidence and presence and helps you take the extra step just to make sure those around you can smell it to :-P

I must tell you that his drive and dedication to his brand alone will have you placing orders to get your hands on this fragrance or to just simply be apart of whatever he has going on. Be it his radio show, plays, social media forum, etc etc etc... He's changing lives and writing history all at the same time.
Everyday Radio: http://www.thejayeveryday.com/index.php
When you get the chance please check out him out via the links below...Thanks

Fragrance: Everyday for Women

Also, Jay recently did an interview with Daily Venus Diva Magazine click here to read the article and to find out more about what drove him to create a fragrance with the "Everyday Women" in mind...

PS...if you look very closely you will find me in his Everyday for Women collage above...Its like Where's Waldo but were looking for Mo ;-P

04 May, 2012

Something Beautiful...

From: Me
To: You

When I hear this song I think about you.  Something Beautiful, something that feels right.  I wanna go to a place were I'm nothing and everything. I like the way you make me feel the way nothing matters when I'm near you. I wanna go to a place were time has no consequences. You are something Beautiful that captures my thoughts. You take me to a place that exists between here and nowhere. Engulfed by thoughts of you seconds from each other. How do I express to you that I think you are something Beautiful...because you take me to a place were I can hold the intangible and let go of the pain with all my might.

I guess maybe?!?!?!


Day 4: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 4

Letter: A Letter to your sibling (or closet relative)...

Closet relative it is since I'm an only child...or a general letter to my younger cousins. You guys give me breath. I admire you all and I'm so very proud of you. You are all special to me in an individual way. I learn so much from you guys every day. I couldn't ask for a greater group of people to be related to. Although at times it hard to keep up with you all (since it's about 100 of you...lol) I find myself stalking facebook, twitter, or some kind of news article since some of you are a BIG DEAL ;-P. You bring joy to my life and I am so grateful for you all. Love you much XOXOXOXOXO...Our Grandparents Carolyn, Harold, TC, and Alberta would be so proud of the men and women you have become. Keep up the good work.

- Your Momo

Picture: Favorite Color...


Isn't it beautiful...?

Music: A Song That Makes You Sad...

For all we know
We may never meet again
Before you go
Make this moment sweet again

We won't say goodnight
Until the last minute
I'll hold out my hand
And my heart will be in it

For all we know
This may only be a dream
We come and we go
Like the ripples of a stream

So love me, love me tonight
tomorrow was made for some
tomorrow may never come
for all we know 

Fun.: We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Over thinker, just maybe...

How do I begin to wrap my thoughts up into one adjective, verb, or noun. How do I describe this function and break down all the intertwining layers that make it whole? How do I express my joys and frustrations in simple terms that you may understand? How can I get my words to express the fight of my heart and brain or the peace within them both. In most cases my brain likes to play out the scenario before my heart can get a chance to react. It's an everyday stuggle to attempt to control my thoughts and understand my heart. My over thinking brain likes to control my every move, and when it feel defeated it feels like everything around me comes crumbling down. It doesn't matter the situation, it could be love or life. It takes a simple yes and no a turns it into a maybe, addition, moreover, but and, and. Going with the flow makes me tremble inside. Something as simple as an okay can turn my world upside down. To be the person that says whatever let's go is a envy of mine. I have to think about and play a least three different, what if this happens in my head. The pain that I place on myself is stomach turning at times. I'm learning to quite my mind and process differently. Bare with me during this process. It's a complex simplicity that I call my life...

Citizen Cope - Deep

03 May, 2012

Day 3: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 3

Letter: Write a Letter To Your Parents...

Mom...you are the foundation that keeps me sane. Throughout my life and at different points I've seen you struggle to stay just above water. I admire you for the woman that you are and the person that you are becoming. You are truly my best friend and I am beyond blessed to have you in my life. At times I know I take you for granted but please charge it to my head not my heart. I tend to look at you as always being there and I never look at the fact that you can be taken from me at any moment. I'm pretty sure that it would be hard for me to even function and complete everyday activities knowing you were not there to encourage me. You are my rock. Its hard to put words to paper to express how much I love and care for you. A letter to you is different than the others because it comes from an inner part of my heart that becomes twisted and floods my brain. So I close this with a huge I LOVE YOU from deep in the inner part of my soul. You are the mother that was meant to have in my life and the greatest mother in with world in my mind. Your presence at all walks in my life have been greatly appreciated. The memories that we have and that we will continue to make are what keeps me ground and surrounded with love. MOM you are the greatest.


Picture: Clouds...

Every time I take a plane flight I always take a picture of the the sky. Here is my favorite one...

The sky is the limit....nawl reach beound the stars....

Music: A Song That Makes You Happy...
Maze ft. Frankie Beverly-Before I Let Go; This song is by far one of my favorite song. From the moment it first comes on you can find me singing every word with every ad lib etc etc...doing my best at what I call dancing lol..Enjoy

17 March, 2012

Day 2: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 2
Letter: Write a letter to your crush…

Ah, where do I start? I’ve crushed a lot over my lifetime, but I think you have been that long lasting one that I just can’t seem to get over. You make the butterflies in my stomach turn when I come across a picture or when you come up in a conversation. Only one of my friends know I like you, but even she doesn’t know how much. I’ve been a “fan” of yours since our sophomore year in college when we first met. I hated that I lost your number. I spent so much time at your school with my friends that, you always crossed my mind when I ventured over to Morehouse. Now with the easy access to people because of the internet, I get to somewhat keep up with you via my computer. I don’t internet stalk you but I love it when you come across the screen when I’m not even thinking about you. I tend to think in most cases that crushes are just that crushes, and in most cases probably should remain that way. I mean there is a reason why you never told that person. But there is something about you that leads me to think about what ifs. You are a great person and the man that you have become is even greater. You’ve followed your dreams and have stayed true to your self. You’re awesome on the eyes and a pleasure to be around. Maybe one day I will lead you here so you can read this for your self. Until then I will continue to watch you from a far (but not in a crazy stalker type of way ;-P), maybe one day when I find love you will become a distant thought, or when you find love. But, until then I will continue to smile when I come across something about you! Keep following your dreams. Maybe one day when our paths cross I won’t be so shy and reserved, and I get that chance to tell you truly how you make me feel.


Picture: What I Wore…

Since I don’t ever really go anywhere but to work and occasionally out to grab a bite to eat, I don’t get to dress up much. And when I do I never take a picture. So had to think about what I had that I could share. When going though my picture I saw that I had two of one of may favorite blazers. Everyone that knows me knows I never leave my house without a jacket, sweater, or scarf. So with that being said “what I wore” and actually got a picture of is me in one of my fav blazers from the UK French Connection from Sears :-)… The picture on the left is me behind the sceens at BET's Rip the Runway and the picture to the right is me on my birthday!!!

Music: Your least favorite song…

Soulja Boy Tell Em: Crank That...I abosulty postivily do not like that song. It maybe that when I first heard it I heard the orginally version before the radio version cam out and I was like what the F..K. I don't care that it's a catchy tune or that it has a dance to match. I repeat I absoulty postivly dislike this song with a passion.

08 March, 2012

For you...through a process of me...

When I first met you, I though you were perfect. You had everything I thought I wanted in one package. I eventually grew to love you and wanted you, to be with me, forever. As we grew up and grew apart I thought you may have been just for a season and I didn't want to accept you for only a reason. I tried to hold on to the thought of you. I didn't want to let you go.  Everything that I need and wanted was in you except for love. You loved me but not the same way I loved you. I eventually decided to accept you as just a friend, but deep down I couldn't keep the way I felt bottled up inside. Sometimes it's hurts and causes me to potentially dwell on what we could have had. I find myself wanting to package you up and distribute you to my other suitors, knowing that, that's not healthy. I find it funny that I'm learning how to love from the rawest form, and I'm learning to get over a love that was never there. If I took you and broke you down and changed you around to the person I felt I needed I would only be hurting myself more. It's crazy how I call you when I hang up with someone else to fill that void that I some how need you to fill. I now consider you as one of my best friends, but I know it is in one of the most unhealthy forms of friendships there is. I need to let you go. This friendship has been a roll-a-coaster on my end, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't be easy for you either. This has been my most platonic friendship ever with someone that I have emotionally love. We've never kissed or even shared a lingering hug, but at some moments I've longed for you more than I longed for anyone else. I know in order for me to grow as a person I need to stop trying to keep you in my life for a lifetime and understand that you were JUST for a reason. I love you and wish you the best but I need to let you go. I'm working on me and this is a part of my process, and figureing out that I was putting a coma were God put a period was unheatly for me and you. Thanks for being my friend and eventually showing me were just a reason. I love you XOXOXO, be blessed.


04 February, 2012

Milk + Honey

So, I finally got the chance to catch the new web series Milk + Honey and I am in freaking love. I remember first hearing about this series and thinking this is something I might like but I never gave myself the chance to catch it. Now I'm hooked and I can't get enough of it. Milk + Honey is a dramedy series that follows the spiritual, professional and romantic journeys of four young, ambitious African-American women navigating through the lights, smoke and mirrors of Hollywood.

I love the characters. It may be because they remind me of myself and/or my friends. Its created and co-produced by Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May and Jeanette McDuffie of Brown Paper Dolls which is a Los Angeles based film, television and multi-media, production Company. And the other co-producer is non other than the beautifully handsome Idris Elba (faints).

If you haven't checked it out please go to their YouTube Channel: Brown Paper Dolls to catch up on the series and get a short interview of the characters!!! I hope they continue the series. The last episode was posted back in November 2011 :(

P.S. and the soundtracks are HOT!!!!!!

29 January, 2012

Day 1: 30 Day Challenges Letter, Picture, and Music...

#30daychallenge Check out the Original Post with all the details for the challenge here.

Day 1 
Letter:   Write a letter to your best friend...

I can't really say I have one truly best friend. What I can say is that this person is made up from a collection of people that in my mind they all make up one person :-) Apart of me wishes that there was that one person that could represent this unit as a whole. But to those of you I hold dear I just want to thank you for everything. Thank you for being the shoulder I needed to cry on. Thank you for the never closing ear. Thank you for telling me to snap out of it when I had my head in the clouds. Thank you for allowing me to trust again. Thank you for being present when I was distant. Without you I'm not sure where I would be in life. I can remember many times when I didn't  believe in myself and you gave me the push I needed. Thank you for allowing me to be 100% me without judgement or prosecution. Over the years I have come to love and respect all of you and it's because of you that I am me. I will forever be grateful for the person that you are and I couldn't ask or want for anything more than you. You are my inspiration, my foundation, and progression. I would like to think we compliment each other and at times I think I don't deserve you. I will always be here for you as you were for me. I see us growing old together and continuing to push each other to the limits and beyond. All I hope is for you to continue to be you, as I will continue to be me and together we will take over the world. I love you dearly.


Picture:  You...

This is me at work at 5:30am. Can you tell I'm sick and that my nose is running like a leaking facet?

Music:  Your favorite Song...

My favorite song is Miles Davis' "Blue in Green", It's doesn't matter how I am feeling this song has a way to bring out all of my emotions at the moment. Its something about his horn when it first comes on and the combination of it with the piano that sends shock waves up my body.

Projects...30 Day Challenges...

Today I went over to my friend B. Fly's blog http://bflybelton.blogspot.com and noticed that she was still working on her 30 Letter Writing Challenge. From the beginning I thought it would be something great to go through. I figured I will learn somethings about myself and those around me but I never got around to doing so. So I have decided to dive head first. Not only will I do the 30 day letter challenge I will also do a 30 picture challenge and a 30 music challenge. I hope you enjoy what goes on in my head though letters, music and pictures.

**I won't go crazy and do 3 different post in one day, but I will post all 3 challenges in one post titled 30 Day Challenges Letter, Music, Picture Day (X)...

30 Days of Letter Writing Challenge... 


Day 1 — Your Best Friend
Day 2 — Your Crush
Day 3 — Your parents
Day 4 — Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 — Your dreams
Day 6 — A stranger
Day 7 — Your Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 — Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
Day 11 — A Deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12 — The person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you
Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from
Day 15 — The person you miss the most
Day 16 — Someone that’s not in your state/country
Day 17 — Someone from your childhood
Day 18 — The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 — Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
Day 20 — The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 — Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 — Someone you want to give a second chance to
Day 23 — The last person you kissed
Day 24 — The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 — The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 — The last person you made a pinky promise to
Day 27 — The friendliest person you knew for only one day
Day 28 — Someone that changed your life
Day 29 — The person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
Day 30 — Your reflection in the mirror

30 Day Picture Challenge...

Day 1 - You
Day 2 - What I Wore
Day 3 - Clouds
Day 4 - Favorite Color
Day 5 - Childhood Memory
Day 6 - Someone I Love
Day 7 - Favorite
Day 8 - Technology
Day 9 - Faceless Self Portrait
Day 10 - Something I Made
Day 11 - Something Fun
Day 12 - Close Up
Day 13 - Something Old
Day 14 - Flowers
Day 15 - My Shoes
Day 16 - What I Ate
Day 17 - Water
Day 18 - In My Bag
Day 19 - Where I Slept
Day 20 - What I Read
Day 21 - Reflection
Day 22 - Guilty Pleasure
Day 23 - Sunrise
Day 24 - A Smile
Day 25 - Sunflower
Day 26 - Something Old
Day 27 - Lunch
Day 28 - Daily Routine
Day 29 - In Motion
Day 30 - You, Again

30 Day Music Challenge

Day 1 - Your Favorite Song
Day 2 - Your Least Favorite Song
Day 3 - A Song That Makes You Happy
Day 4 - A Song That Makes You Sad
Day 5 - A Song That Reminds You of Someone
Day 6 - A Song That Reminds You of Somewhere
Day 7 - A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event
Day 8 - A Song You  Know All the Words To
Day 9 -  A Song That You Can Dance To
Day 10 - A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep
Day 11 - A Song From You Favorite Band
Day 12 - A Song From a Ban You Hate
Day 13 - A Song That is a Guilty Pleasure
Day 14 - A Song That No One Would Expect you to Love
Day 15 - A Song That Describes You
Day 16 - A Song That You Used to Love but Now Hate
Day 17 - A Song That You Hear Often on the Radio
Day 18 - A Song You Wish You Heard on the Radio
Day 19 - A Song From Your Favorite Album
Day 20 - A Song That You Listen to When You're Angry
Day 21 - A Song You Listen to When You're Happy
Day 22 - A Song That You Listen to When You're Sad
Day 23 - A Song That You Want to Play at Your Wedding
Day 24 - A Song That You Want to Play at You're Funeral
Day 25 - A Song That Makes You Laugh
Day 26 - A Song You Can Play on a Instrument
Day 27 - A Song You Wish You Could Play
Day 28 - A Song That Makes You Feel Guilty
Day 29 - A Song From Your Childhood
Day 30 Your Favorite Song at This Time Last Year


08 January, 2012


The following Post was from a question I answered regarding love and the use/meaning of it...

Love can be a very misleading word when it is not being used how you feel it should be used. Love comes in layers that we both build upon and take away. When it comes to our relationships with each other and the amounts of love we have for ...each, it can be interpreted in many different ways. People come into our lives for reason, seasons and lifetimes, and I may love you differently throughout that time. Sometimes our heart and brain don’t align and the purpose I “want” you to have in my life is not what I “need” in my life. Our definition of love and how it feels to us changes daily. What I love you for today is something I may hete you for tomorrow, its just apart of our growing process. Love and it’s meaning in our life will continue to be an individual thought and feeling until you come across someone that has the same “value” of love that you do. If you think love is red and feels blue and I think love is blue but feels red it shows that how we see it what and it feels like are two different things. I once had a guy tell me he loved me after our third date and I ran like hell. He was telling me all the things he thought I wanted to hear ignoring the fact that I wasn’t impressed by anything we was tell me or bring to the table. His value of the word love differed from my value of the word love.