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04 February, 2012

Milk + Honey

So, I finally got the chance to catch the new web series Milk + Honey and I am in freaking love. I remember first hearing about this series and thinking this is something I might like but I never gave myself the chance to catch it. Now I'm hooked and I can't get enough of it. Milk + Honey is a dramedy series that follows the spiritual, professional and romantic journeys of four young, ambitious African-American women navigating through the lights, smoke and mirrors of Hollywood.

I love the characters. It may be because they remind me of myself and/or my friends. Its created and co-produced by Dana Gills, Asha Kamali May and Jeanette McDuffie of Brown Paper Dolls which is a Los Angeles based film, television and multi-media, production Company. And the other co-producer is non other than the beautifully handsome Idris Elba (faints).

If you haven't checked it out please go to their YouTube Channel: Brown Paper Dolls to catch up on the series and get a short interview of the characters!!! I hope they continue the series. The last episode was posted back in November 2011 :(

P.S. and the soundtracks are HOT!!!!!!